Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review: Here’s What I Really Think…

Pain can make life miserable. It causes great difficulty in getting up in the morning, and it can even make being productive in life… painful.

Popping a pill helps sometimes, but this affects the liver and causes many concerns – including adverse reactions.

Doctors are focusing on increasing their awareness of alternative options – and this often brings about research breakthroughs about more effective pain management techniques that do not include pain medication, like the one breakthrough I’m about to share with you…

Hi there. I’m Sylvia Park, and I want to share one of the latest breakthroughs in scientific research on the topic of pain management with you today.

I am certainly no stranger to pain, and for many years, I have relied on drugs like Tylenol, Vicodin, and Demerol to help me continue my days without pain getting in the way.
The problem with taking these drugs on a regular basis is they cause side-effects – unpleasant side-effects!

Tylenol often caused me to experience stomach pain and nausea.

I started to lose my appetite. Eventually, I started to experience headaches – and it was linked to all the Tylenol I was taking. What’s the use in experiencing relief of my back pain when a headache pops up in turn.

The back pain was really bad when I didn’t take any medications. I struggled to get out of bed in the morning. And the pain after sitting at the office all day – that was awful.

This all led to me search for an alternative way to relieve my pain. I already knew that doctors and trainers were working hard on discovering effective therapies and exercises that relieve back pain – I tried many of the methods that are out there, but none of them really gave me the results I wanted.

How I Discovered Unlock Your Hip Flexors

One day, I was checking my Facebook timeline and saw one of my friends mention a program called “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” in a group about pain and flexibility.

I decided to get in touch with my friend to see what the program is all about and what it is – and, of course, if it actually works.

I gave her a call, and she said she was able to get rid of her back pain with the program.

She explained that the program helped her discover a “hidden” muscle in your body – which sounded a little crazy to me, but I decided to take a look at the program anyway.

I was desperate for relief without having to rely on those pain pills.

She forwarded me a link to the program’s website.

I read through everything that was said on the website, and it all started to make sense.

That’s when I decided to take a risk (actually, no risk is taken because the program comes with a full money-back guarantee) and buy the program.

I started to follow the program. I watched the videos, read the manual, and I implemented the steps into a daily workout regimen. I must say – the results were unexpected.

I can get up in the morning without pain now.

I feel that my hips are much more flexible and I even feel improvements in other areas of my life. Wow!

This is why I decided to share what the program has done for me with my readers – and, of course, to share some important details of the program with you.

Read on to find out what the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is all about, how you can get your hands on it, and what you get when you buy the program.

What Is Unlock Your Hip Flexors And What Problems Does The Program Solve?

Let me tell you a little more about this program and how it can help you.

The program was created by Mike Westerdal, a fitness author, personal trainer, and a specialist in sports nutrition.

Mike has also founded CriticalBench.com, a very popular website about muscle growth and improving physical strength.

Mike decided to create this program after he identified a “hidden” muscle in the human body that physicians and even sports therapists often tend to overlook when they provide patients with exercises and physical therapy to help the patient recover from an injury.

He discovered the effects that this “hidden” muscle has on the body after he witnessed it himself – after his wife gave birth.

These “hidden” muscles are referred to as the hip flexors – which explains the name of the program, being “Unlock Your Hip Flexors.”

According to the author of this particular program, when these two muscles are tight, it can bring about a whole range of different problems in the body.

These problems may consist of:

  • Pain in joints located in the hips, the lower back, and the legs (Yes, these muscles can even cause your legs to become painful)
    Locked up hips
  • Discomfort experienced while walking
  • Reduced performance at the gym

In addition to these problems, Mike also found that when the hip flexor muscles are tight, then it can cause additional issues to develop.

He noticed increased anxiety symptoms, insomnia, digestive issues, and even a weaker immune system in people with tight hip flexor muscles.

Other than these, another important area he found to be affected by tight flexors is a person’s sex life – it causes many problems to arise in the bedroom.

This might, at least partly, be because when these muscles become tight, circulation of blood in the body can also be compromised.

The entire program is focused on 10 specific exercises that focus on unlocking the hip flexor muscles and helping to loosen these muscles. In turn, Mike explains that you will experience a great number of benefits – all of which will help to relieve pain and help you get rid of the other complications caused when the flexors are tight.

What Is Included In The Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program?

The best thing about the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program would be its price.

You can get the complete package for just $10 – and there is no extra “hidden” fees or shipping fees.

What’s more, you get instant access to the entire program. When you place an order and pay for the package, you get an email that gives you access to all the training material that you need to get started with this great program.

The program comes with a series of videos that show you exactly how to perform the exercises that helps to unlock the hip flexor muscles.

In addition to the useful videos, the program also comes with a useful ebook that explains exactly what these muscles are, what functions they have in the body, and what happens when they are tight.

The ebook also goes into more details as to how each of the exercises that are part of the program works and how it will help to loosen those tight hip flexor muscles.

Furthermore, the ebook gives you additional information about what happens when you work these particular muscles and what specific benefits you can expect to experience when you perform the exercises you are introduced to by the program.

Some of the exercises you will be introduced to in the program include:

  • PNF Stretching
  • Dynamic Stretching
  • 3D Core Stability Exercises
  • Mobility Exercises
  • Fascia Stretching

Muscle Activation Movements

In addition to the main program, which is the Unlock Your Flexor Muscles training series, you will also gain access to additional modules that will give you more exercises and informational resources to help you out.

The program also gives you access to the Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings program, as well as a 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

Should You Buy This Program?

When I consider everything that the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program has offered me, then I would gladly and proudly say that I highly recommend this particular program.

I started to experience benefits from the very first session. Now, this may not be the case for every single person who starts the program – but even when you do not feel the benefits immediately, I urge you to continue doing the exercises every day.

You will soon start to find that your hips become stronger and more flexible, and your pain will also soon start to become alleviated.

Final Thoughts…

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program features one of the best methods I have used for the management of pain.

After finding it difficult to get out of bed and get through the day for quite some time, and constantly relying on the help of pain medications to take that pain away, this program has allowed me to “unlock a hidden muscle” and helped me get rid of the pain.

I am now living free of medication and free of pain.

For those who are afraid of the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is just another scam – no need to worry. The program comes with a 60-day risk-free money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the program, simply get in touch with the owner of the program, and he will gladly refund you.

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