How to Get Rid of Hip Pain

Bring Dancing Back- How to Get Rid of Hip Pain

Hip pain is easily the worst part of your day.

You wake up, get out of bed, and all of a sudden that sting is back.

Before you got out of bed you were too tired to really notice it, but now that it’s time to fix yourself breakfast and get on with your day it’s there.

It could be caused by arthritis, or it could be caused by bursitis, or it could simply be related to something you’re doing in your daily routine.

The fact is, however, that it effects your day far too much.

It can make the simple task of bending over a chore, which means that all of a sudden fixing yourself breakfast becomes a massive issue!

Hello, my name is Margaret and I had experienced hip pain for years.

I tried to do all I could about it, but nothing seemed to work.

I knew that it was caused by arthritis in my hip, which meant my joints had no protection from rubbing against each other, but my only option seemed to be painkillers.

I didn’t like my painkillers. They had too many side effects.

It seemed to either be that I was unable to function properly because of the pain, or because of the medicine!

I wanted my lively life back, but I didn’t feel that I could have that with either the pain or the medicine.

So, for years I searched. I looked online and offline. I talked to my doctor. I even tried some new things out myself!

Over this time, I found a lot of new ways to ease my pain. Some of it was more effective than other parts, but when I finally got to do it all together I was living pain free!

It didn’t start straightaway, but it was lessened.

Especially because some of my methods instantly soothed the hip pain while the others helped to soothe it on a more long-term basis.

So, it didn’t take long until I could start dancing again.

Now I want to help you.

I know how difficult it can be to experience such pain on a day to day basis.

I’ve already shared my methods with my friends and I found out that it helps all hip pain.

It helps bursitis and arthritis related hip pain as well as just general pain in your hips!

I decided after my friends were getting more and more active to take the information I had further, and to share it with you.

I knew how to help, and I wanted to, so I decided to share my methods as to how to tackle or ease hip pain online, that way my knowledge could get a lot further and help a lot more people.

Some of these are easy and some are a bit more difficult, but I promise they’re all helpful!

How Do You Get Rid of Your Hip Pain?

The first and most important thing to do is to know your enemy.

You need to know what’s causing your hip pain so that you can tackle it in the most effective may.

I’ve put together a few symptoms of bursitis and of arthritis below, but if you still have questions go and see your doctor, they’ll be happy to help.

1. Arthritis

Arthritis is the loss of cushioning between your joints.

If you have it in your hips it can be called Hip Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis can be primary if it affects more of your joints or secondary if its due to an injury and the symptoms are as follows:

If you have joint stiffness when you’re getting out of bed or after sitting for a long time, any pain, swelling or tenderness to the hip joint, a “crunching” sound of bone rubbing against bone when you move, and/or an inability to move your hips when doing simple activities such as putting on socks.

2. Bursitis

Bursitis is caused by an inflammation to the joints.

So, if you’ve injured your hip recently then it’s possible that you could be suffering from bursitis.

The symptoms are similar, only with bursitis sleep is involved with it being painful to sleep on the affected side.

Because of this a unique aid to bursitis that doesn’t work with arthritis is to sleep on the unaffected side of your hip.

As the two conditions are similar, a lot of the help will apply to both of them.

Both of them are related to inflammation, after all. However, it’s more important to ease yourself into the activities with arthritis than with bursitis, and bursitis can be helped by sleeping on a different side.


I’m not talking about starting your day by hopping out of bed and going for a run, that would be far too much too fast. High impact activities like running or jogging aren’t helpful, but a nice walk can be!

You can also start your day with the bridge exercise, by laying on your back with your legs bent and hip-width apart, and then raising your back with your abdominal muscles.

Make sure you don’t arch your back! And ease yourself back down every five seconds or so.

If you also go for a swim in nice, cool water you can strengthen your inner and outer thighs.

Strong thighs can really help with hip pains, and so any way you can exercise them is a good idea.

However, water will always be a great option because you can exercise your entire body, including your hips, without putting too much pressure on anything.

We dont ever want to go into surgery when it comes to our hips. Why we need to keep up with our body and exercise more.

Hot and Cold

Ice can help any kind of inflammation, if you just hold it against your hip joint and let it soothe it.

This will give you a bit of instant relief.

However, heat depends on what’s causing the pain. If it’s caused by bursitis avoid too much heat because it can make it worse, but if it’s arthritis it can really, really help.

So again, know your enemy. Or just focus on using ice and keeping cool, as it’ll help both and you won’t have to worry about what kind of hip pain is affecting you.


Stretching will always help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It’s important to note, though, that stretching around your hip muscles will help bursitis a lot more than it will help arthritis.

In fact, it may even cause your joints to rub together for arthritis.

Stretching to ease arthritis is more to keep the rest of your body awake and active.

Remember that just because it’s your hips that hurt, getting everything around your hips to work better will also help your hips!

This also means that considering losing a bit of weight could also help out, if it’s practical.

What’s the Most Important Thing to Do?

The most important thing to do is very simple.

Listen to your hips, they don’t lie! Exercise will help, but not immediately. Ice can soothe, but it can also injure.

Stretching can cause your joints to rub.

So, if something hurts, then stop what you’re doing, take a break, and start again at a much slower pace.

You know your hips and you know that they complain. It can be a slow process, but you just have to remember that it’s worth it!

Keep it light at first, and then build up, but always, always, always listen to your body.

Rest can help, but only if it’s done with other helpful activities.

What do you think, then?

Do you think you can get out there and start stretching, swimming, and getting your hips back to their former glory?

Then feel free to comment below and share the article to get the word out there!