Fun Workouts for Middle Aged Women!

You’re at that time in your life where you’ve been noticing another grey hair here and there, and more defined laughing wrinkles creasing your face.

And it’s making you feel old.

You know you’re not old enough for anyone to think of you as a grandmother or elderly figure yet, but you’re also not exactly a ‘miss’ anymore.

Oh, the joys of reaching middle age!

But just because you are middle-aged, it doesn’t mean you need to feel it!

As my mum has always said, it doesn’t matter how old you are, as long as you are young at heart.

A great way to be young at heart is to feel it; and what better way to feel it than by slipping back into that hot body you rocked when you were 20.

You know, the one you wish you had again?

My name is Madison, and I am here to help inspire you to transform into your younger self and feel fantastic!

I have spent years watching my body fluctuate, from barely fitting into size 16 shirts, to finding size 8 jean shorts are starting to feel loose around the back of them, to finding that size 10-12 is a more comfortable size overall.

And the one constant that affects this weight rollercoaster is my motivation to keep up the effort.

There are a few reasons as to why someone isn’t motivated to work out, but for me in particular, it was because I was getting bored doing the same old stuff all the time.

What I needed to truly keep up my game, and what may inspire you to get started, was a range of unique activities.

I needed to find a way to exercise and make it fun.

Interest is the key to success!


Although jogging is a great way to exercise and get your heart pumping, if you’ve never been good at it and barely seem to improve no matter how hard you try just like me, then it probably isn’t the thing for you.

Why not let loose with a little dance party in your lounge room?

Zumba is a dance and movement program that gives you a full body workout without you being aware that you’re exercising.

There are many different styles for you to choose from that can focus on general cardio and even strength exercises.

You can join classes with friends or even do it at home while you’re waiting for the washing to finish or those dishes to dry!

Go on and have some fun and watch as the weight shreds right off you and your body sculpt itself into that figure you’ve been trying to get back!


If you like intensity, then you’ll just love CrossFit!

It is an exercise designed to get you fit and healthy by getting you to do functional activities that closely mimic those core movements of life.

It is a practical activity that focuses on maximizing the amount of work done in the shortest time; and by the time you’re done, you’ll be feeling like a trooper!

Tai Chi


If you’re after a more relaxed pace, yoga isn’t the only way to go about it!

There are many forms of martial arts whose focus is not on combat itself, but the art of the activity.

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese technique that focuses on meditative aspects as you become familiar with its graceful flowing movements.

It is a slower-paced activity that even your own mother could do; and if you are battling with the stresses of life, it can help ease your worries as you find inner peace.


Who said that women should only have a thin, petite figure?

Why not go for that sexy Wonder Woman warrior look and strengthen those muscles of yours?

You don’t have to train with a sword and shield and prepare for battle, but there are plenty of activities you can do to get stronger and feel great!

And the best thing about calisthenics training is that it is absolutely free!

You can do it anywhere, anytime; no more gym membership needed!

Calisthenics is all about building up your muscles by using your own body weight. It includes exercises such as push-ups, sit ups, pull ups, and squats.

You might groan at the thought, knowing how much effort you need and how sore your muscles can get from doing these exercises, but think of all the fun activities you’ll be able to do when you’re at a better level!

I’m a child at heart, and one of my favorite things to do is climb, whether it’s up a tree, rock climbing, or even at an empty playground.

Trust me when I say it is so much better after you’ve built up your body muscles!

This activity helps with obstacle courses too – if you have kids, you can really show them what you’re made of, and surprise your partner, too!

Work Out Programs

There are two ways you can go about organizing your workout routine, based on whether you just want to stay fit and healthy, or whether you want to lose weight.

To Stay Fit and Healthy:

If you don’t care about losing weight, but want to be active, then I would suggest regulating your training program.

Generally, if you keep doing the same things without increasing your limits or effort, your body will adjust and stay at your desired level.

To Lose Weight:

The best way to lose weight is to swap your training program around every couple of weeks and spice things up.

When your body isn’t used to the routine, it will put more effort into the activity.

This doesn’t mean you have to change your exercises though, if you like what you’re doing.

Most of the time, I stick to my favorite exercises that cover all body areas and just increase the amount of times I complete the action in each repetition.

When starting out a new routine, I generally do 3 repetitions of 10 for each exercise, and when it feels like it’s too easy and my body has adjusted (usually within a couple of days), I increase each set-increment of 5.

Each body is different though, so experiment a little and do what works for you.

Just remember this general tip:

Less effort = less energy used, and less energy used = less weight lost!

Hopefully, some of these ideas have inspired you to get active again.

Whether you want to go hard or take a lighter pace, you can customize your new training program with these unique activities.

Don’t be confined to repetitive gym activities if they’re boring for you; allow yourself to be unconventional with the way you get fit and have a little fun!

No matter what age; 40 or 60, 50 or 70; don’t lose that inner child of yours begging for something different, as that excited ball of joy is the key to your success.

Now go out there and set some new workout goals; you will reach them this time, I promise!

If you have any other great ideas or are looking for another workout for middle-aged women, why not check out our other article about getting fit after 40.

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