Find Out the Common Reasons For Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain – What You Can Do About It!

Lower back pain – one of the most common complaints regarding pain in the entire world – is a condition that can be detrimental.

You find it’s not only difficult to get up in the morning; but also painful.

There are many common reasons for lower back pain. Lower back pain is annoying, uncomfortable and has many possible causes.

Unfortunately, popping paracetamol is not going to do you any good – but there are some techniques that can help you experience relief.

Read on to learn how I got rid of my lower back pain and got back to living my life the way it should be lived.

Hi, I’m Sylvia and like 84% of the worldwide population, I suffered from lower back pain – emphasis on the “suffered” part.

I always lived a physically active life – participated in sports, I had a gym membership, and I ensured that I exercised enough to maintain a healthy body.

I eventually decided to give yoga a try. Unfortunately, the instructor was not fully qualified – which I did not know at the time. I followed each move he taught the class closely.

The yoga did help, but then one day during class, I took things too far and suddenly experienced pain in my lower back area.

My physician prescribed some medication to assist with managing the pain, but ultimately, for two years I suffered from lower back pain.

It was persistent, painful and also very uncomfortable.

I used so many different painkillers, muscle relaxants, and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Sometimes, when the pain did go away, it soon came back and made my life miserable again.

Getting up in the morning was probably the worst.

It was painful. I felt like staying in bed all day long. Many other areas of my life were affected as well.

Cooking became difficult as I had to stand for so long at a time. My work was affected as sitting in that chair all day long also took a toll on my back.

Common Reasons For Lower Back Pain

I knew more-or-less what the cause of my lower back pain was – I kept blaming it on that yoga move that I took too far.

This, however, didn’t seem quite right. It was more of a symptom to a problem, than the actual problem.

That’s when I started to consult scientific papers and other sources to learn why my lower back was in pain all the time, and what exactly could have happened.

Below, I will share some of my findings to help you learn, just as I did, what may be the cause of your lower back pain symptoms.

Acute Strains

The most common type of back-related “injury” that leads to lower back pain is acute strains.

Strains can affect both the muscles and the joints of the back. When they happen, you will usually experience pain in the affected area, along with inflammation.

Pain can sometimes be extreme, while in other cases only mild, you may also experience muscle spasms in the localized area, and your movement may become restricted.

Degenerative Joint Disease

This condition is also known as Osteoarthritis. It happens when the cartilage that supports the spinal joints start to degenerate.

There are various reasons why this degenerative disease can develop.

It is known that joints in the spine, along with the discs, start to become thin as the body ages.

People who are overweight are also at high risk of developing the degenerative joint disease.

Additionally, when the back is injured, then this disease may also develop as a complication.

The disease can lead to many unpleasant symptoms, including lower back pain, inflammation, and a reduced range-of-motion in the affected area.

Facet Joint Dysfunction


Also called Faced Joint Syndrome, this condition is closely related to degenerative joint disease – particularly because it is often caused by Osteoarthritis in the spine.

There are multiple facet joints in the spine – these joints are small and serve a particularly important function in spinal flexibility.

They are found between adjacent vertebrae, as well as behind them.

All vertebra of the back has facet joints, apart from the one located at the top of the spine.

When these joints start to wear out, arthritic symptoms may develop in them.

This may cause the joints to become enlarged due to inflammation and can lead to a considerable amount of pain, especially during movement.

Spinal Stenosis


Another condition that can cause pain in the lower back is spinal stenosis. This condition causes your spinal canal to become narrowed.

Nerve roots run through the spinal canal – when the canal becomes narrow, you may experience a wide range of symptoms, including lower back pain.

There are two types of spinal stenosis that may develop, including forminal and central.

Some people may develop both of these at the same time.


Scoliosis may cause the spinal curve to become deformed. Even though particularly common, it is still a condition that you should be aware of.

This condition may lead to facet joints breaking down.

A breakdown of the sacroiliac joints and the discs within the spine may also break down with this particular condition.

This can lead to lower back pain – the pain may also be severe in some cases.


This is not a very common condition, but can lead to severe back pain and accompanying symptoms, such as a reduction in function and motion.

The condition occurs when a vertebra slips in such a way that it moves over the next vertebra.

Different types of this condition exist. Some may cause symptoms in the legs in addition to the lower back pain.

How To Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain

When my lower back pain got really severe, I relied on pain medication. The only problem is that the medication didn’t seem to do much.

Sometimes, I would find that the pain would go away a little after taking strong painkillers, but the effects only lasted for a short time period.

I started to investigate this and found one particularly interesting study – it was published on The BMJ and explained that the most common painkiller drugs used do not work for spinal pain (that would include lower back pain) at all.

The drug is paracetamol of course.

Additionally, I also found out that paracetamol is actually harmful to my liver – contrary to the popular belief that this is a very safe drug for the alleviation of pain.

This led me to read up on different alternative methods that I could use to help me find relief of the pain and inflammation that were making my life miserable.

These are the methods I found particularly useful:

Hot and cold therapy: Hot and cold therapy is a technique that helped me a lot. It is important to do this the right way.

Alternating between the hot and cold therapy devices seemed to work especially well.

Get an ice pack and a warm water bottle. Hold the ice pack in the affected area and then, after a couple of minutes, switch to the warm water bottle.

For an acute injury, however, you should first only apply the cold pack.

Arnica oil and creams also help. I applied arnica oil to my back after taking a shower at night and before getting into bed. In the morning, I applied the oil again.

The arnica oil provides quite a potent effect on lower back pain – I found that the oil begins to work in just a few minutes and the relief in pain lasts for a couple of hours.

For certain conditions that cause lower back pain, such as a disc prolapse, specific types of exercises may be helpful.

I personally found Pilates to be beneficial – but, when opting for Pilates, it is essential that you choose the class you will attend carefully.

Always ensure that the instructor is qualified and knows what they are talking about.

When your existing condition is not taken into account during Pilates classes, you could end up hurting yourself even more.

Final Words

While there are many common reasons for lower back pain, some can be easily targeted with the right therapies and often do not require invasive procedures.

Treating lower back pain, however, can be challenging.

While pain medication is often recommended, research shows that the most common drug used for pain alleviation has no effect on the lower back.

The techniques I shared with you here have helped me get rid of lower back pain and gave me the opportunity to live my life to the fullest once more.

If you have discovered more ways to relieve lower back pain that works for you, be sure to share in the comments below.

I also ask you to take a few seconds to share this post if you know of others who may benefit from my story.