Best Mattress or Topper for Hip Pain and Lower Back Pain Sufferer’s.

How to find a Mattress to help alleviate hip pain and lower back pain.

Do you frequently wake up in the middle of the night with aches, joint and lower back pains and/or a sore hip?

Then it’s possible that you maybe suffering from hip bursitis.

Bursitis is a type of chronic hip pain that leads to the inflammation of the bursa.

The condition causes unbearable pain in your hip and can cause a connection with lower back which can worsen when you try to get some much needed sleep.

This may force you often, to sleep on your less painful side to get some relief!

(Pain from the back and spine can also be felt in the buttocks and hip area.)

sore hip pain

Interestingly, the ideal solution lies on the type of mattress that you use or sleep on.

Can my Mattress cause Hip Pain and Lower Back Pain?


Most people may think it is something external that is causing their hip pain or back pain. Like a sports injury, or a recent fall, or has something to do with their age.

However there are so many reasons as to what IS causing your hip and back pain, however we can start to eliminate one cause that is often over looked and could be the direct cause, which is, the mattress you are sleeping on.

To be more specific, it is more likely the “quality” of mattress you are sleeping on.

If your mattress is over 10 years old, it is definitely a good option to consider what state or condition it is in now.

Does it sag in the middle or anywhere? Is it an older ”Inner Sprung” Mattress?

Most beds are not built to last 10-20 years, so if it is sagging in the middle, that is not good news. A sagging mattress can cause back pain and hip pain because it throws your spine out of alignment.

If it is an older inner sprung mattress, as you read further through the post, you will see that these are not favorable for any type of serious joint pain.

Especially if they are older than 10 years.

old mattress bad for joint pain

Another Health consideration if you are using an older or sagging mattress, is that they will potentially be full of dust mites. Obviously these will lead to a whole bunch of other respiratory health concerns, but in this article, we are instead focused on hip and back causes.

I just wanted to point out that detrimental aspect when sleeping on an older or sagging mattresses.

Another way of figuring out if it is indeed your mattress that is causing lower back pain or hip pain, is if you get out of bed in the morning, or whenever you rise, and you experience immediate back or hip pain.

But after you stretch out effectively, and the pain is gone throughout your day, it is most likely your mattress!

stretching for lower back and hip pain

After receiving the correct diagnosis from your physician, it is imperative that you shop around for your new mattress. Do some solid research online for the best mattress for your hip and lower back pain, in order to speed up your recovery process.

Unfortunately, very few people know how to do this, and that is why we are here to help!

Here is a detailed guide on how to choose a suitable mattress for hip pain relief and lower back pain.

What’s the connection between mattresses and hip pain?

Whenever you lie down on your bed, your body will subsequently exert pressure on your mattress. The heaviest parts, specifically the hips and shoulders, will sink into the mattress as you try to adjust your body in search for comfort.

sleeping on a firm mattress for hip pain

If your mattress does not offer sufficient support to these areas, you are bound to continue suffering throughout the night. With this in mind, it is imperative that you shop for the correct mattress that provides ample support required to handle all the pressure points of the body.

Your sleeping position has a bearing on reducing pressure points and relieving hip pain and lower back pain. If you are a side-sleeper, it is important that you lie on the side that experiences less pain to take the pressure off.

sleeping on your side when experiencing hip pain
If you are a side-sleeper, it is imperative that you lie on the side that experiences less pain.

However, you should know that sleeping in this position would force your top knee to slope towards the head of the bed, subsequently misaligning your spine.

With this in mind, you should look for a mattress that supports your neck and waist without putting too much pressure on your spine.

The mattress should also be gentle on your hips and shoulder considering the fact that these areas bear the brunt of your weight.

Experts recommend sleeping on your back as the best position for dealing with hip pain. However, this can only be effective if you have a good mattress considering the fact that your hips and shoulders will still sink due to pressure.

A proper mattress will prevent your lower back from sagging, allowing your hips to stay in the right position as you sleep.

Types of mattresses for hip pain and lower back pain

The obvious choice for most people is to go for traditional innerspring mattresses. While these mattresses feel soft and bouncy, they do not offer the ideal support for someone suffering from hip or lower back pain.


Innerspring mattresses tend to create numerous pressure points by transferring much of your body weight to your shoulders, hips and knees, further compounding the problem.

Conversely, firm mattresses do not offer the best alternative, as they tend to hold the hips in a higher position, subsequently causing your waist and lower back to dip.

This leads to posture issues as it prevents your hips from staying in the correct position, further contributing to hip pain, back pain and joint issues.


So what type of mattress is ideal for me?

A good mattress for hip pain is one that offers whole body support. The mattress should be able to take the weight while eliminating existing pressure points.

However, find a mattress that offers this type of support is not easy. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. If you want to say goodbye to sleepless nights, consider these two types of mattresses for hip pain relief.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Many people consider memory foam mattresses as the best mattress for hip pain relief. As suggested by its name, this type of mattress consists of a layer of viscoelastic polyurethane foam designed to conform with the body in reaction to heat and pressure.

It provides sufficient support by distributing the weight of your body evenly while eliminating pressure points.

What is more amazing is that the mattress absorbs the pressure of your hip and other heavy parts rather than just provide support. This is highlighted by the fact that the mattress normally returns to its original shape as soon as you jump out of bed or remove the pressure.
Memory foam mattresses are available in different shapes and levels of hardness.

However, the best option for hip pain and lower back pain relief is potentially a plush memory foam, which is the softest, most elastic type.

memory foam mattress for lower back and hip pain
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This specific type not only conforms to your body, but also allows your painful hip joint to sink in into the mattress without causing irritation. It also supports your bum and lower back, providing the utmost comfort and support required for a good night’s sleep.

Whether you are a back sleeper or a side sleeper, a memory foam mattress is one of the best types of mattresses for all sleeping positions.

Latex Mattress Topper

A latex mattress is another good option worth checking it. Like memory foam mattresses, this type of mattress offers exceptional support for hip pain relief.

The only difference between the two is that latex mattresses consist of natural materials extracted from the rubber tree. However, synthetic versions that blend natural rubber with other materials have come up in recent times.

latex mattress for hip pain and lower back pain
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The main benefit of latex mattresses is that they provide a buoyant surface that offers whole body support, including the pressure points. Furthermore, it allows for sufficient air circulation and body temperature control in all types of weather conditions.

In essence, a latex mattress will keep you cool during the summer and warm during winter for the perfect night’s sleep. Moreover, this type of mattress is beneficial to all types of sleepers including back, side and stomach sleepers.

Best Mattress Topper for Hip Pain and Back Pain

When considering a mattress topper for your hip pain or lower back pain instead of a mattress, similar buying guidelines covered within this article apply.

The mattress topper you do choose will however depend on your needs, budget and personal preference.

Mattress toppers are less expensive in most cases than mattresses. Some mattresses can cost’s hundreds of dollars, whereas mattress toppers can be purchased under $100 up to $400 dependent on your needs.

With a mattress topper, you can still enjoy the unique benefit of the much required, added support for your hip or back pain. Even for next and shoulder pain, it is all related or connected to one another.

No matter which way you sleep, on your side or back or maybe you toss and turn through the night, mattress toppers can provide ample pressure point relief.

Your typical mattress topper is 1” to 4” thick usually, that are placed on top of any mattress surface for the purpose of adding extra support and cushioning to adjust the firmness of the bed.

Obviously, you are going to want to choose a mattress topper that is the same size of your existing bed base.

Unless of course you wanted to go larger in bed size, or smaller. Simply choose a mattress topper that is going to FIT your bed base.

If it is too small or too large, either way, you will not receive the full benefits that the right size mattress topper can provide. You don’t want it over lapping your bed base; it will look unattractive and pull down on the sides.

You don’t want it too small either as aesthetically; it will just not look right! It must cover the exact measurements of the bed base.

So measure carefully, choose then buy the correct topper.

How do I choose a memory foam mattress topper? What is available?

There are Latex Mattress Toppers: LATEX is a popular topper among consumers because it can conform closely to a persona body as they sleep.

This will help align their spine and instantly alleviate pressure points on the body such as lower back and hips and other more sensitive areas.

Latex is breathable compared to other topper types; it will retain less body heat and feel cooler for the sleeper as a result.

Other features of latex toppers include excellent durability, satisfactory motion isolation, and little room for noise possibility so as not to disturb your sleep during the night.

Plush Memory Foam Mattress toppers:

These toppers come in varying sizes. Most with ventilated design. Memory foam is naturally hypoallergenic. These toppers resist dust mites and other possible allergens. However, all you do need is a cotton cover with a high thread count.

This will automatically protect your mattress topper from any dust, stains or undesirable dirt.

Other Mattress Toppers include:

Tip for Buying your Mattress on Amazon

The beauty of buying your mattress from Amazon, is that you are protected by the biggest online eCommerce store on the planet! There are many options of mattress products to choose from when trying to make an informed buying decision.

However one key point to consider when buying is to focus on feedback from other buying customers via reviews, when choosing a mattress for hip pain and/or lower back pain.

Too many products to choose from can be information overload, or you may over analyze each product and take far too long in choosing the correct mattress product for you.

So narrow things down quickly and use the filters available on Amazon to choose what you need, then look through the reviews and read what people are saying.

Just keep in mind, you can’t please everyone all of the time with one product, in this case, a mattress. So do your due diligence and read and research.

Your sleep and pain relief is a big concern so it will take a thoughtful consideration when buying a mattress for any type of joint pain, not just hip and lower back pain.

Take Away

Making that final purchase decision will always be a tough call considering the fact that both latex and memory foam mattresses offer exceptional support for hip pain relief.

Your choice will also all come down to your own personal tastes and preferences, not to mention your budget.

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