Are Inversion Tables Good for Hip Pain and Back Pain

Inversion Tables, are they any good to fix Hip Pain and/or Back Pain?

If you suffer from chronic back and hip pain, then you must have considered a lot of treatments to relieve the pain, one of which is an inversion table.

It is one of the equipments used in inversion therapy where your body is suspended and takes an upside-down posture for a few minutes to help relieve pain by reversing the effect of gravity on your spine.

The Inversion table places your body at a downward angle with the head facing down to help relieve pressure on the spine by creating space between the joints. The spine then is said to have become longer and therefore, the strain on your back is temporarily reduced.

Although medical experts argue that this kind of therapy is not long term, many therapists recommend inversion therapy and those who have used this method testify that it has improved the quality of their lives and relieved chronic pain.



Benefits of using an inversion table

  • Spine Health is improved

One of the significant causes of back pain is an improper alignment of the spine.  These can happen due to poor pasture.  Seating for an extended period with no movement causes the spine to compress, resulting in low back pain. Inversion tables act as a gentle massage on the spine, allowing it to stretch gently from the gravity pull.

  • Eliminate the use of painkillers

Chronic hip and back pain can make your life very uncomfortable, and you may not be able to do your day to day activities unless you take prescribed painkillers. The inversion table offers a lot of relief, giving you better flexibility without using any painkillers.

  • Prevent and eliminate the need for surgery

Hip pain and back pain can become very chronic, requiring surgery to repair the spine. Most people who have used the inversion table as natural pain management find that after some time, they can eliminate the need for surgery.

You can embrace the inversion table as a lifestyle to help prevent further damage on your spine, thereby preventing operation.

Having your body in an upside-down posture is a naturally calming position that puts a body into a restful state, helping your nervous system relax and calming your nerves.  You can use the table even when you are not in pain as a way to reduce stress.

  • Increased Physical activity

Most people suffering from back pain find physical activity very taxing.  Inversion tables help in the stretching of the body, which is a good way of exercise; otherwise, back pain gets worse when there is a lack of mobility and activity.

  • Improve the immune system

Lymphatic fluid moves through the body, cleaning up toxins and bacteria in the body.  This fluid can move freely through the body when there are gravity and muscle contractions.

Sitting at a desk the whole day with no much movement means that very few muscles are contracting affecting the flow of the fluid.  The lymphatic system is essential in keeping your body healthy, and the removal of toxins improves your immune system and gives you more energy.

When your body is inverted, the lymphatic fluid moves quickly in the lower part of your body using gravity and vice versa.

  • You have much healthier disc

When the discs are compressed by gravity, they become unhealthy and may even make you look shorter due to the space created in between vertebral discs. Inversion of the body increases the space between the discs ensuring that they are well dehydrated and are getting all the nutrients.



Dangers of inversion tables – is hanging upside down dangerous?


Inversion tables may not work for everyone, and though it might relieve pain for some people, it may worsen some conditions for others.  Some of the dangers of using an inversion table are

  • Blood pressure increase

If you suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension, then the inversion tables are quite dangerous for you.  Having your body in an inverted position will slow down your heart, thereby increasing your blood pressure. Your heart then has to pump blood all over your body faster than usual, which is dangerous for your body.  Consult your doctor before using inversion tables.

  • Pressure on the ears and eyes

If you suffer from glaucoma and retinal impartialities, do not use the inversion table.  The pressure brought to the eyes when your body is in an inverted position can make the condition worse, and sometimes it may cause bleeding.

  • Symptoms may get worse

Although the inversion tables can help reduce pain, the symptoms that follow may leave you worse off than you were before.  These symptoms include muscle pulls, headaches, and sometimes, the pain can get worse.

Can an inversion table help with back pain?

There many causes of back pain but one of the many causes is due to daily life activities that stress your spine.  When your organs and muscles are pulled down by gravity, they get compressed against the spine, and with time, this causes chronic backache.

The inversion table counteracts the compression by using the weight of your body and gravity to lengthen the back. Since the same force that compressed is the force and pressure that decompresses, inversion tables, therefore, do help with the back pain naturally.

Inversion tables also help prevent other issues that may be caused by the back pain like compressed discs, misalignment of the spine, and weakening and tightening of muscles.

Can an inversion table help with hip pain?

Hip pain can be as a result of many different reasons.

  1. Arthritis
  2. Poor posture
  3. Straining the groin
  4. An injury on hip muscles

There are many ways to deal with the pain, and one of the methods that chiropractors recommend is the stretching using an inversion table.   The posture that you take when hanging upside down on the table helps in stretching your hip joint and relieves all the pressure amassed.

Where is the best place to buy an inversion table?

There are many sites available online that sell inverted tables.  One of the best places is Amazon. They will give you competitive prices, have a top-notch customer care, and ensure that your personal information is safe when purchasing.

They also provide a thorough description of items, making it easier for you to make an informed choice.  All the above reasons, coupled with the fact that orders are processed quickly make Amazon a good choice for an inversion table.INVERSION TABLESConclusion

Although Inversion tables do offer an alternative treatment to pain, they should not be used as a long-lasting solution to the problem but should be used as a supplement method.

Even with all the benefits they have, they may not work for everyone since people react to pain differently.

Make sure to consult a doctor once you start using the tables and if you experience any discomfort or side effects then you should immediately inform your doctor so that he can check if there was any damage and stop the alternative treatment.

These tables should, therefore, not be used as a long-term treatment of chronic pain but short term relief of pain and discomfort.